ReSharper 4.0 Beta ist verfügbar

JetBrains hat die ReSharper 4.0 Beta Version veröffentlicht und steht für den Download bereit.

ReSharper ist ein Visual Studio Add-In und unterstützt die Entwickler in den Bereichen Code-Analyse, Code-Refactoring, Intellisense und Software-Testing.

In dieser Version unterstüzt ReSharper auch die C# 3.0 Features und LINQ.

Gemäss JetBrains Homepage sind folgende Features in der Version 4.0 Beta vorhanden:

  • Full Support for C# 3.0 and LINQ
    • ReSharper 4 Full Edition and C# Edition provide comprehensive support for C# 3.0, including LINQ, implicitly typed locals and arrays, extension methods, automatic properties, lambda expressions, object & collection initializers, anonymous types, expression trees, and partial methods.
  • Comprehensive Insight into .NET Framework
    • We have analyzed a great share of .NET Framework Class Library, as well as NUnit Framework, and annotated it through external XML files, using a set of custom attributes from the JetBrains.Annotations namespace.
  • Solution-Wide Analysis
    • ReSharper 4.0 provides a full-fledged feature called Solution-Wide Analysis, which looks for erroneous C# code in your whole solution on-the-fly, without compiling it first.
  • Code Cleanup
    • A new, extended reincarnation of what was previously known as Reformat Code. You can now save a myriad of "go-to-next-highlight-then-apply-a-quick-fix" iterations by simply running Code Cleanup!
  • New Refactorings
    • In line with the major message of the current release, all refactorings support C# 3.0. New members of the refactoring family are available, including a pack of C# 3.0-specific refactorings. Plus, we have a surprise for VB.NET aficionados: all refactorings that were previously limited to C# 2.0 are now available for Visual Basic 8.
  • ASP.NET Speedup
    • ReSharper 4.0 significantly speeds up analysis of ASP.NET pages, to enable more web developers benefit from the great toolset that ReSharper provides.

Die URL für den Download: ReSharper 4.0 Beta

Detail Informationen findet ihr unter: What's New in ReSharper 4.0 Beta

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