Sicherheit für Office SharePoint Server 2007 - Security for Office SharePoint Server 2007

Microsot hat über das Technet-Portal ein Dokument zum Thema Sicherheit für Office SharePoint Server 2007 - Security for Office SharePoint Server 2007 zur Verfügung gestellt.

Die Themen sind wie folgt:

  • Plan site and content security
    • This guide describes the permissions that control access to your sites and the content in your sites. It also discusses security related to implementing Excel Services, search features, and Shared Services Providers (SSPs).
  • Plan for authentication
    • This guide describes the authentication methods that are supported by Office SharePoint Server 2007, discusses the authentication configuration settings that need to be planned for individual Web applications, and includes sample configuration settings for several common forms authentication and Web single sign-on (SSO) authentication providers.
  • Logical architecture design sample
    • This guide describes a secure logical architecture design that incorporates the most common types of sites and the most common classes of users. The design incorporates secure recommendations for authentication, SSPs, Internet Information Services (IIS) application pools, Web applications, zones, and zone policies.
  • Deploying Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a secure manner
    • This guide describes practical secure configurations for specific server roles. The guidance for each server role includes recommended secure settings for the network, the operating system, and the applications that are installed, including IIS, the Microsoft.NET Framework, and Microsoft SQL Server database software.
    • Part 4 also addresses security requirements and recommendations for planning for security roles, for configuring administrative and service accounts, and for implementing SSO for access to external data systems.

Das Word-Dokument findet ihr unter folgende URL: Office SharePoint Server Security oder Downloadable book: Security for Office SharePoint Server 2007

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