Configure Kerberos authentication (Office SharePoint Server)

In this article:

- About Kerberos authentication
- Before you begin
- Configure Kerberos authentication for SQL communications
- Configure Internet Explorer to include port numbers in Service Principal Names
- Create Service Principal Names for your Web applications using Kerberos authentication
- Deploy the server farm
- Configure services on servers in your farm
- Create Web applications using Kerberos authentication
- Create a site collection using the Collaboration Portal template in the portal site Web application
- Create a Shared Services Provider for your farm
- Confirm successful access to the Web applications using Kerberos authentication
- Confirm correct Search Indexing functionality
- Confirm correct Search Query functionality
- Configure your SSP infrastructure for Kerberos authentication
- Register new custom-format SPNs for your SSP service account in Active Directory
- Run the Stsadm command-line tool to set the SSP infrastructure to use Kerberos authentication
- Add a new registry key to all of your servers running Office SharePoint Server to enable generation of the new custom-format SPNs
- Confirm Kerberos authentication for root-level shared services access
- Confirm Kerberos authentication for virtual-directory-level shared services access
- Configuration limitations
- Additional resources and troubleshooting guidance


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