Axialis IconWorkshop™ Lite for Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008

Axialis IconWorkshop™ Lite Version

Axialis Software, in association with Microsoft Corporation, presents Axialis IconWorkshop Lite for Visual Studio 2008:

* 100% Free for Visual Studio 2008 users;
* Make icons for Windows up to 256x256 PNG-compressed icons for Windows Vista™ and include them in your software projects;
* Use an advanced icon editor with various tools, filters and effects;
* Work efficiently using a Plug-in for Visual Studio 2008;
* Create icons from images or ready-to-use image objects;
* Use a fully integrated workspace with librarian, built-in file explorer with thumbnail preview, image viewer and more...

* Create Icons for Windows® up to Vista™
* Create Icons using Basic Object Packs
* Use Plug-in with Visual Studio 2008
* Enhanced and Fully Integrated User Interface
* Modify Icons in Programs/DLL
* Manage Icons using a built-in Librarian
* Built-in File Browser with Thumbnail Previews


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